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Top 6 Bathroom Design Trends for 2013
With as much time as we spend in our bathrooms, it is understandable that we want to make them look fantastic. The bathroom is becoming a new place of relaxation, a room where you can take a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine and wind down with a novel. As a homeowner, you want your bathroom to provide a welcoming atmosphere, whether you are looking to use it as an investment or simply to use as a resident. It is no wonder that so many new remodeling trends are on the rise.

Showers & Tubs

Homeowners are leaning toward large, open showers that provide a welcoming space. In fact, many people are foregoing the tub in order to expand the shower as much as possible. Instead of dark shower curtains and small spaces, homeowners are looking for open glass doors and roomy spaces. One trick to achieve luxury is to create an atmosphere that is large and airy. Most people spend a significant amount of time in their bathrooms each day; it follows that they would want to enjoy their time there.

Just a few years ago, jacuzzi tubs were all the rage. Even though homeowners still want to relax in a tub, they are more focused on finding bathtubs that are quiet and relaxing. Soaking tubs are much more serene. More homeowners are turning the tub into a media center, asking for flat-screen televisions and small refrigerators to be placed nearby. In this media-centered world, more people are looking for ways to stay entertained while they relax.

Walls & Windows

In an effort to let more light in, bathroom windows are becoming a much more important feature. Walls facing the east are especially popular for large windows, allowing the homeowner to relax in the tub as the sun comes up. Plus, letting more light into the bathroom makes it appear bigger and more spacious. Grab bars are becoming increasingly common in the homes of both young and old residents. These bars are much more convenient for guests who are in unfamiliar territory.


One common complaint homeowners have is the lack of storage space in their bathrooms. Most people do not like to store all their personal items on the counter, and big drawers just don’t cut it. It is becoming more common to see bathrooms with vertical shelving and towers that rise above the bathroom counter. This keeps toiletries hidden, yet still easily accessible.


Heaters below the floor tiles are a common request these days, with many homeowners unwilling to deal with a cold floor when they get out of the shower or tub. Heated floors are typically inexpensive and create amazing results. They are also controlled with a simple wall thermostat. The type of flooring that homeowners want in their bathrooms is changing. They do not want traditional tile with glazing; they are more interested in porcelain and stone. These types of floors are less likely to cause a chill and feel much more pleasant beneath the feet.

Everybody wants to create a home that they feel comfortable in, one that they feel they have personalized to suit them perfectly. The truth is that creating the perfect custom bathroom is not as difficult as it seems, and there are many options available if you have an idea of what you want.