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Tips For Keeping Your Granite Kitchen Countertop Beautiful

If you have a granite kitchen countertop, you’ll be pleased to know it’s still the most popular choice and is in 64 percent of new homes in the U.S. However, it’s important to look after your granite countertop to maintain its beauty. Although it’s often said that granite is easy to maintain, there are some things you need to do regularly to keep it looking great and functional.

Clean With A Scratch-resistant Cloth

A microfiber cloth should be used to dust your granite countertop to eliminate bread crumbs, dust or quick spills. Since granite is quite absorbent of stains, you want to be sure that you eliminate them as they happen to prevent stains. To eliminate the need to repair your countertop, use coasters and placemats to stop water from cups and hot pots that can damage or stain the surface.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

When you want to clean your countertop more intensely, avoid chemical detergents, because these can scratch and stain it. Make your own natural cleaning solution with a cup of baking soda and five tablespoons of regular dish soap. Add a bit of water to make the consistency quite thick and then apply the mixture to the stain. Cover it up with plastic wrap and leave it overnight. The next morning, rinse the granite with water.

Do You Have To Seal It?

Since it’s quite porous, granite needs to be sealed about once a year to maintain it properly. Sealing granite kitchen countertops also keeps germs and stains away. However, you can do a quick test to find out if it needs to be sealed. Splash some water on the countertop and see if the water separates into drops or flows naturally. If it doesn’t form drops, the granite needs to be sealed.

How Granite Gets Sealed 

There are different ways to seal granite. One of the best to use is a penetrating sealer. This is meant to protect your granite countertop and let its natural beauty shine through, without adding a layer of gloss to it like other sealants. However, if your granite countertop is looking dull, you can use a stone enhancer sealer to bring out its vibrancy and colors.

If you’re sealing your granite countertop yourself, you should first clean it. Then, apply the sealer with a soft cloth. The granite needs to be left to dry for a full day, so make sure the kitchen countertop is off bounds for that period. Afterwards, you should apply a second coat of sealer. However, make sure you always read the manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure you’re doing the right thing, especially since there are so many different types and styles of granite countertops on the market.

Granite countertops are popular in the U.S. and are definitely here to stay. Make sure you keep yours looking great by taking precautions when cleaning it, and commit to sealing it every year. The result is a beautiful, eye-catching and functional kitchen countertop that looks like it’s just been installed.

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