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Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest trends in the home improvement circuit. When you visit a home center you will find a lot of books on outdoor room designs that spark your DIY creativity and a need to put up a kitchen in your yard. A lot of new homes now include the addition of an outdoor kitchen. There is an emerging popularity when it comes to the design and installation of amazing looking outdoor kitchens- because of their relative affordability and an improved return of your investment when you owners decide to put up their homes back on the market.

Having an Outdoor kitchen allows you to connect easier to nature and brings about a sense of involvement and connection to the natural world, despite living in an urban setting. A lot of home owners equate outdoor cooking to camping and feel inspired with all the comforts of a nature trip. The outdoor kitchen easily becomes the domain of the man, where the dad ends up flipping burgers as opposed to the standard kitchen duties of mommy. Studies have shown that more men are establishing outdoor kitchens for their family homes, considering their outdoor kitchen as a comparable toy that can be shown off to their colleagues. Outdoor kitchens can cost anywhere from $2000 to $50,000, depending on the kind of kitchen aesthetics that you would like to install. Budget Considerations aside there are some considerations that help when it comes to making your outdoor kitchen work:

Location is everything

Invest some time in deciding on the perfect spot to install your outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you place your kitchen in a place that provides the most comfort and in a site that doesn’t compromise the integrity of food you cook. A lot of people will initially decide to put up their outdoor kitchen out back, it’s a good place but don’t restrict yourself to conventional ideas until you have figured out the right spot that works for all your outdoor kitchen needs. Ask yourself if there is anywhere else in your property that offers a spectacular view and amazing landscape to inspire your cookery? Don’t disregard scenic locations; nothing is better than an outdoor kitchen that offers the panorama of a truly majestic landscape. How your home sits on your landscape should also be considered when placing the location of your outdoor kitchen on the lot. A good place is a location that provides shade during the hottest part of the day. Set up your outdoor kitchen in a temperate zone of the lot.

Gadgets and Gizmos- What to put in your Outdoor kitchen

Your cooking appliances are a vital element in the design and functionality of your outdoor kitchen. A lot of outdoor kitchen designs will include a burner either powered by gas, charcoal or wood and a counter top that has its own sink as well as a storage unit for food, beverages and cabinetry for cooking and dining utensils. These days most outdoor kitchen designs will have both sink and refrigerator. Sink space in outdoor kitchens are a lot smaller considering most outdoor food take up lesser space than food prepared indoors.

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