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Making the Most of Your Bathroom Remodel

According to the Houzz Real Remodeling Costs web page, the average Denver bathroom remodel averages $20,544. Start your remodel right by asking yourself these key questions:

How much longer will I be in the house? If you answered five years or less, consider the cost as an improvement to your investment. If it’s longer than that, you can justify broadening your vision – and your budget – to what makes you happy and your home more comfortable for your lifestyle.

What did the neighbors do? If you have neighbors who’ve recently renovated a bathroom, you may be able to build out a better project by taking cues from their experience, especially if their floorplan is similar. Ask what they wish they’d done differently and what features they’re glad they incorporated. It can be hard to visualize fixtures, materials and lighting, so fine-tune their design instead of starting from scratch.

What are my must haves?  That steam shower sounds fabulous, but if you’re on a budget, added costs can mean compromising on quality of other fixtures or tile. Unless the sky’s the limit on your budget, take a practical approach and reward yourself with some high end touches once you know your budget is locked in. Clever space-saving features such as in-wall toilet paper holders or trash receptacles won’t break the bank and can give a finished look to the room

The best place to start your remodel is with an in-home evaluation of your space. The team at Kreative Kitchens and Baths works with homeowners every day to provide start-to-finish kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and our ideas save them time and money.