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One of the best ways to make your kitchen unique is to add little hints of color. This may sound like a task that will be easy to complete, but it can quickly become complex! Adding too much color to a kitchen could be distracting. You have to know where to place the color and which colors to use. To give your ideas a kick-start, consider a few kitchen color design trends.

1. Use Color for Your Cabinetry

When you are ready use color on your cabinets, think of a theme. Sometimes, when you live in a certain area, there will be different color shades that are trending. You can follow the way of the world and their kitchen design trends, or you can choose your cabinet colors on your own. Instead of using the bare and basic wood features of a cabinet, use a color that stands out, such as yellow, orange, and even red. Blue is another color that is popular for kitchen cabinets.

2. Dark Cabinetry and Bold, Vivid Color

One of the reasons for adding a splash of color to your kitchen is to make it stand out. A lot of homeowners are fond of the look and feel that dark cabinetry gives a kitchen. This is an instance where you can have fun and let your creativity be free. When you have dark cabinets, use a color that blends and compliments the dark wood, but also helps it stands out. Vibrant colors such as orange, green, yellow, red, and various shades of brown blend great with dark cabinetry.

3. Splash Your Kitchen Walls with Color

Once you have your cabinets situated, start adding color to your kitchen walls. This is a fun and creative task, but keep in mind that the color that you choose for the kitchen wall has to compliment the colors that you have previously chosen for the cabinets. Many homeowners use the same color for their kitchen wall that they have used for everything else. You can choose a different color for your kitchen wall as long as the colors compliment each other.

Many homeowners begin with their kitchen when they are ready to remodel their home. These three techniques are different ways that you can add color to your kitchen to give it a live and unique feel. The kitchen is one of the places that you may spend a lot of time. Make sure that you create a blueprint of the colors that you would like to use before you actually begin the painting process.