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A home is still the perfect place to hold intimate events and celebrations. There is nothing like sharing a hearty meal with the whole family or cooking a delectable dinner for two for your loved one. The kitchen has become a popular place for family and friends to hang out and have a short chit chat with. Many people find delight in having quick meals in the kitchen during midnight. On occasions, preparing and cooking becomes a family activity when members of the family join in and help.

Lighting is one of the first things you need to think about when planning your kitchen. Gone are the days that you only make use of one fluorescent bulb to illuminate your kitchen space. You need to consider that since the kitchen is not only a place where you cook food, there should be lighting fixtures that you can use when you are working and dining. You can also have the option of setting up a mood through it. These are the things that you have to know when setting up a lighting system in your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting for Functionality

  • Undercabinet lights can provide direct lighting when you are preparing food in countertops or sinks. They make sure that you are able to slice and cut those vegetables properly. This kind of lighting re usually available in incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lights.
  • Overhead pendant lamps can be used for dining tables and kitchen islands. This is practical when you are using the furniture for eating and making food preparations. They come in different types and styles. You can even choose a variety that can be moved up and down when needed.
  • Check if you are using the correct light bulb. You can greatly improve the quality of your kitchen lighting when you switch to a better kind. It is important to take note of the distance between the work surface and the light. Keep the fixtures closer to the surface that you want to be lighted if you want to achieve a very good lighting.

Kitchen Lighting for Mood Setting

  • Use a dimmer switch in controlling the amount of light you want to use. A dimmer switch has the capacity to be changed from general lighting to task lighting to accent lighting. This will make your lighting flexible enough whenever you are carefully chopping onions or serving a romantic dinner for your partner.
  • Mood lights give out an attractive and elegant look in any room. Indoor floodlights and one bulb fixtures can also be used for highlighting. Ambient lights can instantly make any space feel very cozy. Strip lights can also be used if you want to accent a specific focal point in your kitchen such as the kitchen island. A candelabra or candle holder is still widely used when you are planning to have a romantic rendezvous.  Choose the kind of lighting that will suit your home and your specific needs.