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When you say kitchen furniture, the words that will spring into mind are usually cabinets, tables and chairs. To make your kitchen an inviting and functional space, you have to choose the right pieces of furniture for your home. There are several factors that can help you in deciding what kind of furniture you need such as your personal taste, lifestyle, space, and budget. If you are setting up a kitchen for a home where there are young kids, you also need to consider pieces that are safe for them.

Different Types of Kitchen Furniture

Here are the usual pieces of furniture that are used in a kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Cabinets.  This is where you store your kitchen items and equipment so that your kitchen is organized and orderly. They are commonly made of various kinds of wood and can be customized depending on your taste. Cabinets can come with pull out drawers which makes storage easy and accessible.
  2. Table and Chairs. Provided that you have ample space, table and chairs are placed in a kitchen to provide an area where you can have a quick meal or as a place for socializing. A wide array of table and chair styles is available. You can choose a wooden table for a shabby chic appeal or a glass tabletop for a more modern look.
  3. Bar Stools. Choose a style that will complement the theme of your kitchen. It should be made of materials that can be easily wiped clean especially when food spills happen. Pick a bar stool that won’t be not too high or low when placed alongside the kitchen table or island.
  4. Buffet Furniture. It is another great way to store kitchen utensils and gadgets. Buffet furniture has three types, the buffet hutch, buffet table, and buffet cabinet. It is a free standing furniture that has a counter and drawers.

Now, What Is a Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is a countertop usually placed in the middle of the kitchen space. Its primary function is to serve as a preparation station when cooking meals and a dining table for quick meals. Most of the kitchen island today doubles as storage too. Drawers and cabinets can be placed beneath the countertop. It is usually made of wood, stone, or stainless steel.

A customized kitchen island can be designed to be more functional. It may feature a stovetop, a sink, or a disposal unit that can be handy when you are making food preparations. Panels can be pulled out from one end which can be used as additional countertop. Poles can be attached to the other end where towels or linens can be hung. An ordinary antique table can be transformed into a kitchen island as well. Many believe that since it is not permanently affixed, it would be easy to move it around. Plus the wood can add a nice touch to a kitchen. A kitchen cart island is also an option. It has wheels that can be conveniently transport from one place to another.