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Illuminating ideas about bathroom remodel lighting

It sounds simple: find a nice looking light fixture to go over the vanity and another for the center of the ceiling and you’re done, right? Wrong. Getting the lighting right is critical to showing your bathroom remodeling project in the right … well, light!

General lighting can be recessed ceiling fixtures or indirect lighting that bounces off the walls and ceiling to provide overall illumination in the room. Incandescent bulbs are popular for their natural lighting tones, but they also produce heat. Today’s fluorescent fixtures come in a wide range of colors from warm to daylight and consume much less electricity.

Task lighting includes the vanity and mirror area. It’s important that the area in front of the mirror is evenly lit and shadow-free for it to function as a grooming area that you’ll enjoy using. Place lights on either side of the mirror as well as above. The fixture above the mirror should cast light just over the front of the vanity countertop.

The size of the room makes a difference, and so does the color. Large mirrors may need multiple overhead lights to avoid a “spotlight” effect. Bright colors reflect light while darker colors absorb. Small powder rooms may need just one light above the mirror and fixtures on each side plus a ceiling light directed toward the vanity top.

A dimmer is a great idea for your bathroom remodel, allowing you to adjust the light according to use and time of day.

Visit the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s webpage on bathroom lighting trends for more details. The pros at Kreative Kitchens &Baths love lighting (and we’re really good at it!) Call on us for a free in-home visit to talk about your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.