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Everybody wants to maintain the glorious condition of our homes. But there will always come a time when your house will show signs of wear and tear. Since the whole house is exposed to different kinds of elements, our floors become dirty, the kitchen backsplash gets chipped, or the walls get stained. Cleaning the house is a chore that we have to do in order to preserve the beauty of our home. And one of the most frustrating things to clean is tile grout. No amount of wiping or mopping can lift off the pesky stains on grout. Read on to know how to clean tile grout effectively.

Tile Grout Cleaning Dos

  • When spill accidents or a big mess happens on the tile, wipe it clean immediately. Doing so can help in preventing dirt and stain to seep through the tile grout.
  • Use a grout cleaning solution when dirt and stains have been embedded deeply on the grout. Test a grout cleaner in a small area to know if the solution won’t cause damage to already damaged grout. Read the directions and safety precautions when handling these products. Make sure that you are wearing protective gloves or eye wear when using any harsh chemical. You can also try making your own solution by mixing bleach with water.
  •  Scrub the tile grout with sandpaper, pencil eraser, or a brush. The grout needs to be handled with a little pressure because stain doesn’t go away that easily. Remember not to use a use a brush with metal bristles though. They can cause damage to your grout in the long run.
  • If all else fails, you can just choose to replace your old grout completely. A grout removal tool should be used to get rid of the dirty grout. Use a grout sealer on your newly installed grout to avoid future stains from accumulating fast.

Tile Grout Cleaning Tools

  • Cleaning Solution. Try using homemade cleaning solutions first to test if less harsh cleaners can do the trick. You can make your own by combining water, white vinegar, and baking soda. But bear in mind that you should avoid using vinegar on colored grout. If this doesn’t work, you can go on and use a commercial cleaning product that you can buy from stores. Do not use bleach that is not diluted in water because it may erode the grout. The trick here is to let the solution sit on the surface for a few minutes before scrubbing.
  • Toothbrush. Use a stiff or firm toothbrush in scrubbing at grout. Never use a brush that has stainless steel bristles because it can damage tile grout. What makes the toothbrush popular in cleaning is its size. It is easy to use in reaching those stubborn stains.
  • Gloves. Since you will be handling chemicals, it is always safe to use protective gloves. It will prevent the cleaning solution or any harsh chemicals from being in contact with your skin. Not doing so may lead to redness and skin irritation.