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How to Choose Quality Cabinetry

When you’re looking for kitchen cabinets it’s important not to be fooled by pretty faces. There is much more to quality cabinets than the way they look. It starts with quality materials. The materials must be put together well and a high-quality finish must be used for the cabinets to be high-quality and last for years to come.

Cabinet Materials

There is some debate in the construction industry as to the best material to use when creating cabinets. Quality cabinetry is constructed of a plywood box and a solid wood frame. Plywood is much more durable than MDF or particle board. Particle board and MDF are both vulnerable to water damage, while plywood is resistant to water. Most quality cabinetry also contains reinforcing parts that are made from either plywood or solid wood.

Quality Cabinet Box Construction

All reinforcing parts in the cabinet should be attached with screws or secured into slots that have been cut into the side of the cabinet. Low-quality cabinets are often held together using glue or staples. Some manufacturers choose to make the corner gussets for their cabinets out of plastic. If plastic is present in the cabinet’s construction, it should be thick and fastened securely. The corner gussets should also be large enough to support the walls of the cabinet.

Durable, high-quality cabinet boxes are made from thick, sturdy pieces of plywood. Corner braces or I-beam braces should reinforce the box of the cabinet. The cabinet’s hanging rail should be substantial and joined securely to the box. The shelf brackets should also be strong enough to support the weight of heavy dishes, canned goods and other things that may be placed on the shelves.

Shelf Thickness and Construction

Cabinet shelves may look simple, but they are a key component in choosing quality cabinetry. The highest-quality cabinet shelves are constructed from solid wood. The shelves should be reinforced well so that they don’t sag under a heavy load. Choose cabinets with thick shelves because they are less prone to sagging over time. Most cabinet shelves are manufactured in thicknesses ranging from half-an-inch to three-quarters-of-an-inch.

A custom cabinet designer like Kreative Kitchens and Baths are able to make your shelves in any thickness you choose. We will help you choose the best shelf thickness for the span length of your cabinets. If your cabinets are large you may want your shelves thicker than the standard for increased support.


High-quality cabinets will have shelves that you can adjust to meet your storage needs. Some cabinet manufacturers allow you to adjust all of the shelves, while others contain both fixed and adjustable shelves. The adjustable shelves should be held in place by strong metal clips that you can’t bend with your hands.

The Bottom Line

Quality cabinets usually carry a substantially higher pricetag than their counterparts, however they will also last for a lot longer. Installing quality cabinetry in your home will allow you to enjoy the beauty and durability of the cabinets for years to come.