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Maybe all those beautiful renovations on HGTV are giving you kitchen and bath envy, or perhaps your space doesn’t fit your lifestyle like it once did. Whatever the reason, there’s no better time than now to start planning your project.

At Kreative Kitchens & Baths, here are the top five reasons our customers say they’re ready to remodel:

We’ve outgrown our space.  The typical “3BR/2BA” floorplan that worked so well as a couple or small family can feel like much smaller as toddlers turn to teens. Don’t rule out the idea of adding a bath. A 3’ x 5’ space is all it takes to accommodate a sink and toilet. If you can expand that to 3’ x 8’, there’s room for a shower as well.

Our nest is emptying out. When the kids head to college or career, homeowners often find they have plenty of space – just not the right kind for the next chapter in their lives. Expanding the master bedroom into an extra, adjacent room can give you the luxury of a spa bathroom, custom closet, sitting area – or all three.

1990 wants its countertops back.  Materials like granite, quartz, concrete, tile or even wood may not have been an option when your home was built, but the options are almost endless today. Sleek, new countertops can make a kitchen feel brand new. Extend your kitchen remodel to include new cabinetry as well and you’re on the way to the kitchen of your dreams.

Increase your resale value. Denver’s real estate market is the envy of the nation, and experts agree that investing in kitchen and bath remodels are at the top of the list for adding to your profits when you sell. Doing it right is important, too. An on-the-cheap remodel can actually turn buyers off if they think they’ll have to start over to get the quality and features they want.

Energy efficiency. It may not be the sexiest feature in your kitchen or bath remodeling plan, but energy-smart appliances yield near- and long-term returns. For 2016, the IRS allows a tax credit of 10% up to $500 on improvements such as central air conditioning, water heaters, windows and skylights.  According to Energy Star, replacing an old refrigerator can save up to $300 in energy costs over its lifetime.

November and December offer the perfect time to choose a kitchen or bath (or both!) design and remodeling contractor so that you’re ready to hit the ground running as soon as you’ve said goodbye to another holiday season. As remodelers complete projects with pre-holiday delivery schedules they enter their slow season for the year. That’s ideal timing to request an in-home consultation and let a Kreative Kitchens & Bath designer devote attention to your project.