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Having a corner shower in your bathroom is an excellent way of taking full advantage of your bathroom space. Taking a shower can prove to be a relaxing treat because a shower spa and a steam room are possible. If you are just about to purchase one for your bathroom, it is advisable for you to get a one piece unit because it is definitely leak-proof. They also come in a multi-piece variety is still a good choice. What poses as a problem for having a corner shower unit is its installation process. Here are some tips on how to install and replace a corner shower.

Installing a Corner Shower

    • Know where you are going to put your corner shower unit. Measure the corner shower unit you intend to purchase and check if it will fit your bathroom space without affecting the other bathroom fixtures inside. Prepare all the tools and equipment that you need.
    • Make certain that the plumbing valves are installed in the wall before you put the corner shower unit. Measure the area for your shower plumbing and to know if the unit will fit your bathroom perfectly. The plumbing valves will be based on the kind of faucet that you will use. It is advised to choose a thermostatic valve so that it is easier to regulate the temperature of the water.
    • A drywall is essential in preventing mold and mildew buildup. Since there is a huge tendency that water will leak around the wall surrounding the shower unit, use a drywall to avoid the occurrence of this problem. An ordinary plywood will rot and deteriorate easily when it is in direct contact with water. A moisture resistant cement board will also work. Use quality materials to be sure that you won’t be dealing with problems anytime soon.
    • Read the directions carefully. Follow the instructions to avoid any damage or mistakes in installing it. Make the necessary preparations such as placing foam insulation on the floor where the unit will be mounted.
  • Apply silicone caulk to areas where you think water leakage can be present. Make a shower test to be sure that everything is working properly and in place. Check the exterior of the shower unit if there are any leaks.

Replacing Corner Showers

    • Remove the old corner shower unit properly using a hammer and a chisel. Make sure that the water valve is turned off to prevent any water leakage from happening. Carefully pull the sides of the unit away from the wall and detach the plumbing connections. After which, take out the shower tub basin next. Be sure that there are no connections attached in the flooring.
  • Make the necessary repairs on the walls and floor. If there was any damage on the wall, plumbing valves, or tiles, do some repairs before you install the new corner shower unit. You do not want to cause serious damage to your bathroom by neglecting these.