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Designing bathrooms for kids – Points to Remember

Although when it comes to designing bathrooms our first priority is to come up with an aesthetic that pleads to our adult taste, there are several design ideas that would make your bathroom more accommodating to the little ones. The most important consideration when designing a child friendly bathroom is to think about safety features, ease of access, secure storage and a lot of fun..

Putting the special needs of your kids is important when designing a children’s bathroom. This is absolutely necessary so that children can gain a lot more independence and be less of a burden to adults. Creating a safe space which is accessible for their size will prove to be a very useful feature in making the bathroom kid-friendly.

Ease of Access

Designing a bathroom that is child friendly and safe should be the top priority when coming up with bathroom design ideas for your children. Master design features of the room should be applicable to all of the user age groups and what they intend to use the bathroom for. Innovative ideas that provide accessibility for children in the bathroom include adjusting the height of the counter top and faucets that are easy to handle or are hands-free.

Using non-slip finishes on bathroom fixtures and furniture or adding self-adhesive and slip-protect mats are important for a child-friendly bathroom usage. A mat that can absorb water from tub spills lowers the risk of children encountering an accident as well. To fortify the safety features of your bathroom, think about using drain and faucet protection that allow water to filter without the risk of scalding or bumps.

Secure Storage

Your storage space is another important consideration when designing a child-friendly bathroom. Adding a lot of cabinetry and shelve space will improve the storage space allocated for all your kids’ bathroom stuff as well as toiletry and towels You can inculcate bins and open shelves for a tidier look that is accessible to the kids. A tiered towel holder can minimize the towel usage and prevent the chaos that kids bring into the bathroom. Another great design idea is putting in a hanging organizer that stacks to place your toiletries and rubber duckies.


Creating a bathroom space that allows kids to become more independent of their bathroom activities provides convenience for everyone in the home. By investing in bathroom equipment that allows your kids to become more carefree do things on their own, you can free up valuable time which would otherwise be spent helping your kids learn their way around the lavatory. An automatic hand dryer for example is a great addition, and teaches children the value of drying up hands after washing without having to nag them. Lights that automatically shut off when the children leave the bathroom will also take care of a common problem, which is kids leaving the lights on after they use the bathroom. Perhaps the most important fixture when designing a bathroom for children is the installation of a kid-friendly toilet seat, which makes it easier and more comfortable for children to do their business. Select a soft toilet lid that helps minimize spillage and seat slamming. You can also use a stool or small wooden footstep to help children reach parts of the bathroom such as the sink and toilet seat.