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There aren’t many people who will say that they enjoy cleaning their bathroom. Most people like a sparkling clean bathroom, which means getting deep down in the crevices of the places that are hard to reach. Thoroughly cleaning your bathrooms can be an all-day event, which is why nobody is fond of this chore. Here are three ways that you can design an easy to clean bathroom:

1. No Grout!

Grout is the absolute worst. Scrubbing lines in between lines is among the top instances on the hated list of cleaning bathrooms. Once you start cleaning grout lines, after a while, they all start to look alike and run together. When you’re ready to kick grout to the curb and design an easy to clean bathroom, say no to gout! To do this, make sure that you use solid-surface designs. Using this surface choice will save your arms from falling off, like when you had to remove grout lines.

2. Glass Is Not Your Friend

Cleaning glass may be a fun chore for a handful of people, but adding the chore of having to clean glass after scrubbing gout lines is not favored by too many. Many homeowners today have glass partitions so that water does not get on the floor of the bathroom. To eliminate more than half of your glass-cleaning chores, say no to glass! When you are remodeling and ready to design an easy to clean bathroom, create a “wet zone” for your shower. This wet zone will cancel the need to have a glass partition. Once you have placed your luxurious partition-less shower, make sure that you place counter-top tiles in your wet zone. A bathroom of this kind is low maintenance and is awesome eye candy.

3. Enjoy Wide Open Space

If you have glass shower doors, this means that there is a lot of crud and junk that is hanging out within the frames of your shower doors. Don’t blame the aluminum frames! They can’t help but to attract various types of crud and junk. In order to get rid of this hassle, go frameless. You don’t have to enjoy your shower in a closed in space any longer. Remove the frames and enjoy the wide open space.

These three tips will help you design a bathroom that is convenient for cleaning and appealing to use. You will never look at your bathroom the same. Now you can join the handful of people who enjoy cleaning their bathrooms!