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Do you find horror in opening the door of your bathroom because of the amount of clutter it has? Are there towels, magazines, tubes of toothpaste scattered around the floor? Do you have difficulty finding your shampoo inside your vanity? Worry no more and learn some cool and helpful ways to de-clutter and organize your bathroom.

  1. The back of your vanity doors or cabinets can be used to store items like hairbrush, toothpaste, and even flat irons. Attach holders or cups by using a strong adhesive to efficiently hold the items. Just make sure that you can still close the door shut before you glue them into place.
  2. To organize towels, place them neatly on wine racks that can be hung on walls. Just roll the towels and, voila, you have an instant towel organizer.
  3. Use the back of the bathroom door in hanging plastic or cloth organizers. You can store some of your bathroom essentials in there.
  4. Clear, uniform bottles are prettier to look at when arranged in a wire basket. It would be best to label each bottle to avoid confusion on which product is which.
  5. Group items together when storing them in multiple drawers. Put all the magazines in the bottom drawer or all of the nail care items in the second drawer. Doing this will make finding things easier and more accessible.
  6. Make use of tray dividers that can fit inside your drawer. The compartments will be a great way to organize and store the small items such as makeup and brushes.
  7. Jazz up an antique drawer and transform it into a vanity cabinet. The drawers would be perfect in storing towels and other bathroom essentials. It can also be an interesting contrast to the modern design of your bathroom.
  8. Bathroom cabinets can be remodeled and placed with roll out trays for easy storage and accessibility. You can put larger items in it such as big bottles of shampoo or body lotion.
  9. Bare walls can be mounted with toothbrush holders and soap dishes that you can purchase in stores. You can also mount panels above countertops to create more space for bathroom items.
  10. Attach hooks or knobs on walls of bathroom doors and hang your towels there. If you are having problems knowing which towel is yours, you can place hanging loops that are color coded. You can also stack towel bars to make good use of the whole space.
  11. A clear vase can be a home for your toilet paper. Stack the rolls one after the other to organize them nicely. It would also be far easier to know if you need to buy rolls of toilet paper because you can see them at once.
  12. The space under the sink can be converted into a storage area. Wicker baskets or magazine holders can be positioned there and act as towel holders. Small cabinets can also be installed to fully maximize the space.