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Space saving in bathroom

A half-wall combined with a glass enclosure makes this bathroom look extra spacious.

Not all bathrooms are designed the same, especially when it comes to the amount of space you have to work with. Whether you’re in a tiny apartment, a huge home, or something between, you may need to get creative working with the space in your bathroom. If you’re inching for more room in your bathroom, our experts are here to help you find it. We’ve put together some life changing space saving bathroom ideas you need to try.

Space Saving Bathroom Ideas You Need to Try

Remember, no matter how small your bathroom is, you can always take advantage of the space you have and create space by thinking outside the box. Here’s some of our space saving bathroom ideas from our Kreative Kitchens experts:

  • Built-in shower niches to hold bath products are a popular and space saving alternative to shelving in the bath enclosure.
  • The typical bathroom features a 30” vanity with one sink in the middle. By moving plumbing lines be able to install offset drawers, which opens up significant space.
  • A few feet can make a big difference. Consider pushing out into an adjacent room or closet and make your bath instantly more spacious.
  • Eliminating walls in the bath in favor of more glass in the shower opens up the room and gives the illusion of dramatically more space.
  • Speaking of optics, consider taking the trim tile in the shower enclosure vertical instead of the traditional u-shaped horizontal design. It creates a striking visual note and shows off the tile in a whole new way.
  • Well-placed in-wall medicine cabinets mounted between studs are space savers, too. Be sure to watch for wiring or plumbing that may be hiding behind the wall.
  • Most fixture manufacturers offer “toilet toppers” – an over-the-toilet, 9” cabinet designed specifically for this typically wasted space.

If you’re struggling to come up with ways to save space and create new space in your bathroom, call our experts. Kreative Kitchens can help you save space, time, and money by evaluating your bathroom, suggesting ways to save space, and help you create the bathroom you want even if it’s on the small size.