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An expertly remodeled bathroom will provide you with years of comfort and pleasure. The bathroom is a tricky space with plenty of moving parts that are crammed into a small area, not to mention the huge volumes of water ready to exploit any possible leaks. Therefore, planning ahead and setting a budget are some of the ways you can ensure that your project is on track besides taking the time to choose the best counter-top, sink, and toilet for your bathroom space. Below we’ll take a look at 7 common mistakes that are made in the course of bathroom remodeling which should be avoided.

Rushing the Job

For most of us, once we are committed to the idea of a bathroom remodel we want it done as soon as possible. Poor planning contributes to cost overruns on such projects as there is nothing more expensive than having to redo work that has already been done. Therefore, depending on the scope and size of your project, it is prudent to spend time on the planning the project.

Skimping on skilled labor

While the DIY approach is an effective way of cutting on costs while undertaking a bathroom remodel, it is best to restrict this approach to the beginning and ends of the project. For instance, you could rip out the old bathtub during the demolition phase and end by handling the project’s paint work, leaving the complicated installations to the highly skilled professionals. Given the number of trades required for a typical remodel – electricians, plumbers, cabinet installers, tile setters etc- it is advisable to seek out an experienced general contractor like Kreative Kitchens and Baths who can manage operations. The company you choose should have up-to-date insurance and a license, including workers’ compensation.

Cutting corners on vital materials

Another common remodeling mistake is getting commonly used items on the internet. Avoid going for the cheapest faucets and tiles as the results may disappoint you. And while you may get quality tiles at $5 per square foot, cheaper ones often have slight size inconsistencies with the result being a bathroom that has crooked lines and appears shoddy. If you want to save money, light fixtures are a great way to save a little cash as their performance across most price points is the same. Opting for a basic finish on fixtures and faucets can save you hundreds of dollars without having to compromise on quality.

Not keeping the future in mind

While you may be a picture of good health in the present, there is no way of telling what the future holds. What most of us fail to do is to ensure that our bathrooms can serve us and our loved ones regardless of our abilities by following the Universal Design basics. Nowadays, numerous universal design features form part of a mainstream bathroom design e.g. a seating platform in the shower that can be used by both the disabled and able-bodied as well as comfort-height toilet models that are easier to use than standard models. Even if you do not incorporate all aspects of the universal design in your remodel, it is advisable to have the structural framework in place if, and when the need arises.

Buying online products without verification

Admittedly, going online is extremely beneficial for researching design ideas and products. But finishes and materials are not always as they appear on-screen – Light fixtures that appear small may end up overwhelming your space. It is important to visit a design center or showroom prior to making any purchase.

Forgetting about storage

Most people often forget about storage in the bathroom and that is why they find themselves running from the shower to the hallway linen closet to grab a towel even after a remodel. Remember to plan for storage in your bathroom by not only having a closet, but a medicine cabinet as well for various first-aid and healthcare essentials.