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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Designer – Even on a Budget!

Remodeling your kitchen need not be a daunting experience. Professional kitchen and bathroom designers are able to help homeowners throughout the entire remodeling or renovation process. No matter what the budget or size of project, hiring a professional designer to help create your dream kitchen or bathroom is a wise decision.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a professional designer for your kitchen project:

1. Industry Contacts and Discounts

Professional designers have a vast amount of professional connections in the design and construction world. They have worked with contractors and know who is trustworthy and capable to create a gorgeous kitchen in your home. Designers come with a background of education and experience that allows them to source materials, all while staying within your budget. Professional designers often have relationships with local store managers and artisans, and will be able to find the perfect pieces for your new kitchen.

2. Rapid Turn Around Time

Some falsely assume that taking their kitchen remodel into their own hands will save time. Quite the contrary is true. Working with a professional kitchen designer will result in a remodel that is done efficiently and often in less time than you would be able to complete the project in a DIY fashion. Designers have the means and resources to create new spaces in a reasonable period of time.

3. Quality Design

Perhaps the greatest reason to hire a professional designer is the fact that they are trained and experienced in such a way to be able to create dream kitchens on any budget. Designers have an artistic eye that allows them to visualize a space and design it in such a way that it works efficiently. Kitchen remodels often involve plumbing and electrical work, which a designer will be able to handle effectively.

4. Stick to Your Budget

When doing a kitchen project yourself, it can be tempting to over spend. Stress and time constraints inherent to a kitchen remodel often lead homeowners to forget about the budget that they made ahead of time. When strapped for time and not fully confident in one’s work, it can be easy to purchase a light fixture or new dishwasher that was not in the original plan. A professional designer knows how to stick to a budget and will do all they can to adhere to it. Designers have experience working with budgets of all kinds and will be sure that your project does not go over budget.

5. Less Stress

Finding a professional designer that you trust and are excited to work with relieves you of any stress that would have been present had you attempted to tackle a kitchen remodel on your own. You will be able to work together with your designer and feel confident to take a step back and let them take control.

To find a qualified professional kitchen designer, ask for referrals from family and friends. Be sure to specifically ask about how the designer handled any unforeseen issues, and how strictly they adhered to their given budget. Arrange to meet the designer personally and if you feel they are your kindred kitchen spirit, you can hit the ground running. Working with a designer will ensure that you will enjoy the process of remodeling as much as the finished product.